Constant Flux
By Susan S.








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Sachiko Kazeno - Age: 27 - Height: 5'7" - Occupation: Undisclosed; only known to be in the military
A woman cursed with interesting times. Generally cheerful despite what she's been through. Currently injuried in the city of Clarksville in Naruke and is temporarily staying with Ryan.
Notes: Sachiko is a "sensitive", one with fairly weak magic resistance.

Paige Terner - Age: ??? - Height: 5'1" - Occupation: ???
A mysterious sorceress specializing in Fire and Star-elemental magic, although not limited to those just two elements. She is a friend to Sachiko (despite all Paige's own misanthropic and anti-social tendencies) and has some kind of connection to the military, although not directly a part of it. Currently in Coronet, Reed.

Ryan McMullen - Age: 26 - Height: 5'6" (not including hair) - Occuaption: ?
Kind but already world-weary, he's always got the short end of the stick as far as life goes. He possesses a fierce devotion to the few people close to him, but is often a little overprotective and tends to act before he thinks as a result. Lives in his hometown of Clarksville, Naruke. Recently tended to an injured Sachiko.
Notes: Ryan possesses the gift of magic; a rare talent in all of Naruke. Smokes when stressed out.

Sachiko's superior in the division of the Reed military. Usually a real charmer. Currently moping about being rejected in Coronet, Reed.

Adele Winters - Age: "It's impolite to ask a lady that." - Height: 5'4" - Occupation: ???
A mysterious woman who showed up in the chief's room. Seems to know Paige.
Notes: Has the same fixation on Sachiko as the chief. Kind of an airhead when it come to interactiong on a personal basis with people. ^^;

Kioku Kazeno
A mysterious man that appeared in Ryan's dream. Apparently was, when he was alive, Sachiko's husband. His plans for Ryan are still unclear, although he recently left Ryan with another cryptic clue, "Let's fight fate together...". Currently hanging around (in spirit) in Clarksville, Naruke.

Urd Valis - Occupation: Lost soul reclaimer
An employee of the bureaucratic Department of the Afterlife, her job is to bring in the rogue soul Kioku Kazeno so that he may be sent to the proper world beyond. Currently planning a new course of action not far from Kioku.
Notes: Watch out for the clipboard!

Minor players -

Alexander Willowwood - a.k.a: "Lex", "Lexie", "Fluffy" (But don't call him that) - Age: 29 - Height: 5'3-1/2" - Occupation: High school science teacher
One of Ryan's few friends and often a voice of reason, although not without a sense of humor. He, despite being a fairly religous man and a member of one of the "Eight Families of Summoning", is highly skeptical about phenominon such as summoning and does not put much stock in fate. Currently in Clarksville, Naruke.

Shawn McMullen - Age: 21 - Height: 6' - Occupation: Student
Ryan's younger half-brother and usual target of Ryan's overprotectiveness. He's generally a nice guy, but is bored with his life and is a bit of a slacker. He also like telling embarrassing stories about Ryan to his brother's prospective girlfriends.


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